Hristo Hinkov, Attorney-at-law took part in the annual General Meeting of Mackrell International in London

Hristo Hinkov, Attorney-at-law, Partner in Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law, took part on behalf of the law firm in the annual General Meeting of the international lawyer network Mackrell International, which was held in London, United Kingdom, in the period 07-11 September 2022.

Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law has been the exclusive partner of Mackrell International for Bulgaria since 2021. To date, the organization unites over 90 law firms in more than 60 countries around the world. Its members are among the most prominent names in the relevant local legal services market, maintaining excellent reputation and expertise in corporate law and litigation representation.

More than 130 delegates from more than 70 law firms from Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Africa and Australia took part in the annual General Meeting.

In the course of the event, numerous working groups and seminar activities were held, with the aim of discussing and exchanging experience both on the specific legal challenges faced by law firms and their clients, and on the global issues that business at international level should deal with in the upcoming years.

Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law was a focus of special attention at the event as one of the new members of the organization and Hristo Hinkov successfully presented the firm`s practice and the current investment opportunities in Bulgaria to the participants.

The membership of Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law in Mackrell International is another step towards improving the opportunities we can provide to our clients by expanding contacts with law firms from different countries and the possibility of better legal assistance in cases with international element.