Family and Inheritance Law

Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov, Attorneys-at-Law have extensive experience in the field of family and inheritance law. We fully acknowledge and understand the specific nature of these types of relations, which is why we adopt an individual approach in every separate case at hand. The very nature of disputes in this field predetermines our wish to look for amicable solutions and agreement between the parties involved. Should this be unachievable, our team protects its trustees` interests by providing legal representation at all stages of court proceedings.

We provide legal advice and assistance with:

  • out-of-court agreements via mediation
  • matrimonial agreements & settlements
  • protecting the interests of spouses in divorce cases
  • legal representation in parental rights proceedings
  • inheritance matters
  • administrative and judicial proceedings with regard to the rights of juveniles and infants
  • procedures concerning travelling abroad with juveniles and infants