Simeon Hinkov is promoted to Associated Partner at Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov

We are happy to welcome Simeon Hinkov as Associated Partner at Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov.

Mr. Hinkov has been part of the firm’s team since 2016, having worked his way up from trainee to senior associate. During these years, he has established himself as one of the firm’s leading lawyers with his experience in contract law, commercial law and litigation. His initiative has contributed to Stankov, Todorov, Hinkov & Spasov being recognized as a reliable partner on the international stage as well. Simeon also earned his new role with his support in the business development of the firm and the growing volume of clients attracted.

We believe that any perseverance, dedication and professional development should be encouraged and supported. Well deserved, Simeon! Congratulations!